Campaign objective

Join us and give your best

A message from Honourary Co-Chairs, Stephanie Rossy and Andrew Molson

We all know the statistics. Cancer affects almost everyone, either as a patient, family member or close friend. We also know that the best approach to cancer is collaboration.

That is why we are so pleased to support this campaign – Cedars Cancer Foundation and the MGH Foundation working together.

Together for equal access to care; together for personalized, precision oncology; together for life changing innovation and research.

We hope you will add your support, so we can all stand together against cancer.

Stephanie Rossy

Andrew Molson

A message from our Campaign Co-Chairs, Gwen Nacos and Richard Cherney

You can’t fight cancer on your own. Cancer care is all about collaboration; each member of the surgical, medical and supportive care team giving their best, with the patient at the centre, giving their very best of themselves to overcome this dreadful disease.

We’re taking the same approach with fundraising. We know that we are stronger together. Cedars and the MGH Foundation. By collaborating, we can bring our community a complete list of the most impactful cancer priorities.

There is something in this campaign for everyone: for those who want to support patient-facing, hands-on, whole-person care; for those who want to see equal access to the best treatments; for those who support technology and equipment; for those interested in education, innovation and research.

So please join us and give your best. Thank you.

Gwen Nacos
Cedars Cancer Foundation

Richard Cherney
MGH Foundation

A message from Dr. Lucie Opatrny,
President and Executive Director, MUHC

As a global leader in cancer care, research and education, the McGill University Health Centre is home to exceptional interdisciplinary teams and researchers who work tirelessly and with empathy for their patients and families.

Our capacity to provide tertiary and quaternary care for common, rare and difficult-to-treat cancers has made us a referral centre for Quebecers, but also for patients from other regions in need of particular expertise and clinical trials.

With our Foundations’ support, we are able to implement innovations that will improve the experience, quality of life and outcomes of cancer patients.

To every donor, thank you for making our Together Against Cancer campaign a success.

Dr. Lucie Opatrny
McGill University Health Centre

Why collaborate?
A message from our Foundation CEOs

There are so many good reasons to collaborate: our donors tell us they want more collaboration and less competition between Foundations supporting the MUHC; we have many donors in common; we already support complementary initiatives and our missions align.

Patients undergoing cancer surgery at the MGH are then followed at Cedars for their chemotherapy, radiation oncology and supportive care services. When we work together, we can bring a more complete list of impactful priority projects to our donor community.

But for this campaign, one reason stands out the most: We know we can have a bigger impact working together than working alone.

So please join us. Like our patients and medical teams, please give your best too.

Thank you.

Jeff J. Shamie
Cedars Cancer Foundation

Stephanie F. Riddell
MGH Foundation