A new strategy to stop metastasis ($2M)

We know that once cancer metastasizes, survival rates plummet. But how and why metastasis occurs is itself poorly understood. Dr. Cools-Lartigue is testing a ground-breaking therapeutic strategy to stop cancer metastasizing, focusing on the role of neutrophils and systemic inflammation.

“Instead of killing cancer cells, what makes our immune system adopt a tolerant stance that permits ongoing tumor growth and spread? If we change our concept of cancer to a disease of the immune system, the failure of our treatment strategies to date becomes less perplexing. No current treatment effort specifically addresses this abnormal immune function.”

Dr. Jonathan Cools Lartigue
Thoracic Surgeon, Clinician Scientist

Dr. Jonathan Cools Lartigue

Dr. Cools-Lartigue’s research group was the first to describe Neutrophil Extractor Traps (NETs) as facilitators of cancer development in the context of inflammation.