Dr. Lorenzo Ferri

A pan-cancer, pan-Canadian Precision Oncology
Platform at the MUHC ($25M)

The current trial-and-error approach to chemotherapy drug selection unnecessarily exposes a significant proportion of patients to toxic drugs which don’t work for them. To replace this, Dr. Lorenzo Ferri and his team at the MGH grow a replica of your tumour in the lab and test hundreds of drugs on it to identify the most effective treatment for your specific tumour. His lab team have a five year plan to shorten and perfect the process, gain approval for use as the new standard of care for esophageal and gastric cancers, then to expand to multiple other types of cancer, while serving cancer
centres across Canada.

“You can help us usher in a new era of precision, personalized cancer treatments.”

Dr. Lorenzo Ferri
Director, Division of Thoracic Surgery

Tumor-on-a chip technology, used by Dr. Ferri to idenify the best drugs to combat cancer.

Steve Paulette, a patient of Dr. Ferri, survived Stage-4 esophageal cancer.