Enabling access to sarcoma trials in Quebec ($3.5M)

“With patients dispersed across the province, no single hospital could enroll enough patients to make a clinical trial viable. Patients had to travel far out-of-province or to the USA. With your support patients can now access trials here in Montreal, enabling us to advance research and grant patients potential avenues to prolonged, healthier lives.”

Dr. Ramy Saleh
Medical Director, Oncology Clinical Trials, RI-MUHC; Staff Medical Oncologist, MUHC

Caroline Dawson, a sarcoma patient under the care of Dr. Saleh, is a spokesperson for the Together Against Cancer campaign.

Sarcomas are a rare, complex and deadly group of cancers that arise in bones and connective tissues. 300 patients receive a diagnosis each year in Quebec. Dr. Ramy Saleh has led the creation of Sarcoma Quebec (SARC-Q), a consortium of 11 hospitals to standardize sarcoma care across the province and consolidate all clinical trials at the MUHC.