Overcoming postal code discrimination for thoracic cancer patients $3.5M

42 hospitals from Gaspé to Gatineau refer patients with complex thoracic cancers to the MUHC but survival rates are lower for those living outside of Montreal. Why? They don’t have local access to the latest treatments and higher quality of care available in clinical trials run in Montreal.

Trials require weekly scans and checkups to monitor disease progression. For most, it’s too far to travel and too expensive. Local community hospitals aren’t staffed to offer clinical trials to their patients.

Armen Erkat, a Security Guard at the Montreal General Hospital was a stage-3 lung cancer patient, who enrolled in a successful clinical trial led by Dr. Spicer. He is now in remission.

“We see a huge opportunity to enable our network of referring hospitals to participate in these innovative trials to overcome this postal code discrimination, both improving outcomes and advancing scientific discovery.”

Dr. Jonathan Spicer, MD PHD FRCS
Co-Chair, Quebec National Pulmonary Oncology Network Director, RUISSS McGill Thoracic Oncology Network